I’ve reached that point in my training when I no longer have ridiculous calf pain after a run, especially a long run. I can walk up and down stairs just fine. I can go running again the next day should I feel like it. It’s a great feeling.

Having taken 7ish-plus months off of life, not just exercise, to heal my arm, everything I’ve done has been slow and hard. Like I never ran before, like I never walked up stairs without getting winded before. Last year, the calf pain started disappearing much earlier in my training, but I’m there now.

It feels good to run 13 miles on Sunday and not be walking like I just got off a horse for a day or two. I was at the Sounders game that night–even ran through the rain the 1/2 mile from our car to the stadium. I felt mostly good (needed some food in me to feel all the way good).

I hope I haven’t jinxed myself my mentioning my lack of calf pain. I’ve got a lot of running to do in the next month!

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