Whenever I mention my weight online I feel like Bridget Jones.

Today’s Weight: 154.6 pounds
Optimal Race Weight: 120 pounds (or less)
Happy Weight: 130 pounds

I’m doing it now because I just finished reading the intro e-books for Run Your BQ¬†and one of them mentions that for every 2 pounds of extra weight your carrying around that 2 seconds are taken off your pace. Well, since I am currently 24.6 pounds over happy weight, I am also 49 seconds slower than I should be. And I am a full 60 seconds slower than I was last season (2011). That actually coincides perfectly. My average overall pace was about 12 miles and its currently over 13. I am slow.

I feel obsessed with those 2 seconds per pound now, just like Bridget Jones was obsessed with bad Christmas Sweaters or women’s magazines or something. I read that book so long ago. Perhaps I should also chronicle my alcohol units per week and my propensity for over the top swearing.

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