I read and hear a lot of runners giving Galloway (run/walk interval) method users advice about how to respect runners. Don’t jolt to a walk in front of a runner (or even a fast walker), don’t walk more than two abreast, don’t do this, or that.

There is only so much a walker can do to get out of everyones way without runners also paying attention and respecting them. Walkers respect runners, runners respect walkers, it takes both sides to work.

Since all the Disney races are a symphony of interval timers, runners should avoid trying to pass along the very edge of the course because without a doubt a run/walker who observed proper etiquette and moved to the side to walk will start to walk in front of you. They moved to the side, they checked behind them and slowed, and now they’re walking–it’s not their fault if you’re running twice as fast as them and decided to run along the right side of the course with the slow people. Just like they moved to the side, you should not move all the way to the side unless you are also slowing down. So walkers, don’t walk in a giant group down the middle, and runners, don’t pass in the walking lane.

Of course run/walkers, don’t pass someone who is moved all the way over only to stop in front of them right away because your timer goes off. Give it some distance, so they aren’t caught off guard. If you’re playing leapfrog with someone, you’ll get into a rhythm eventually, say hi and make friends.

And runners, don’t try to pass completely off the race course, because undoubtedly a person who observed proper etiquette and got off the course to tie their shoe will be in your way. I seriously got yelled at more than once for moving 5 feet onto the grass completely off the course at the beginning of wine and dine to fix my shoe. One girl tried to jump over me and ended up kicking me. Adrenaline I guess. People move off the course to tie shoes, blow their nose, answer the phone, whatever they are doing that requires them to stop completely. Why are you running three feet off the course at breakneck speed?

I know it sucks to start behind a group of walkers, but taking off through the grass really isn’t any better than walking three or four abreast or any of the other deadly race sins.

Just assume all those one lane sidewalks are walk breaks (like that sidewalk into animal kingdom). The runners elbowing through the throng like its a mosh pit crack me up. Just breathe and know that the sidewalk doesn’t go on forever. Expending all that energy to move ahead three or four people isn’t going to help you in the long run.

And all of this goes for all large races. Many people assume that the bottlenecks and having to run through slower people and groups is because of the Galloway method. It’s not. It happens at all large races, every one of them.

I hear a lot of advice that surmounts to one group or another thinking they have the right away. Unless you’re an elite runner, (actual elite not just really fast), you don’t have the right away. That means walkers shouldn’t corral jump into the front just so you have more time to complete the race, you’re in the way! Everyone is there to get their best time, whether they do it walking or running or a combination of the two. Respect each other and everyone will have a better race.

#rant over#

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