When I set out to raise $10,000 this year for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation through Team Challenge, I set mini goals. I’m happy to say that I met each of this goals so far, with the last being $7,500 by the main fundraising deadline. http://www.active.com/donate/seaLV12/kmacris

The main fundraising deadline is basically when you have to have the minimum raised in order to run with your team without having to have anything charged to your credit card. In my case, I needed $3,600. In case you’re keeping track, that was my goal a month ago for recommitment. At $7,500, I reach National VIP, which besides raising an awesome amount for CCFA, I get various perks–the best being a VIP party that I can take my mother to in Vegas. After all, I’m doing this for her, so she deserves a little VIP treatment. Last year, she wasn’t feeling awesome and decided get some rest instead. This year, I hope she choses to go.

As you might have guessed, I reached my last mini goal of $7,500. On the eve of leaving for Disneyworld for the Wine & Dine half, I put a plea out to hit my goal before that main fundraising deadline, and I pulled in that last few hundred to push me over! That leaves me with about $2,500 to raise by race day on December 2. I would love to be there before I leave on November 28. That’s just three weeks away!

Meanwhile, I’m at Disneyworld. About to run my second half marathon. I’m worried about being swept. I’m worried about my arm starting to hurt. I’m worried about bathroom breaks and hitting the wall. I’m not as confidant as I was going into Vegas last year. I feel good but not great. I feel slow. I’m going to do my best!

It will prepare me for Vegas this year. It will be another long run for me and I’ll get through it. I’ve got Team RunDisney standing with me. I’ve got ArtBoy by my side. I’ve got 29 food and wine booths calling my name.

As I watch Obama win the election from a strange bed in DisneyWorld, I finish up this quick post. Where will tomorrow take me?

Donate now: http://www.active.com/donate/seaLV12/kmacris

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