Well, my “season” has officially started (May 1) and it’s time for me to think about my running goals. These are my 2014 Goals, although my season will end with Princess in 2015 before I take March and April off to travel.

1) Run a Full Marathon: This is obviously the huge one. I am planning on running the Marathon Du Medoc in 2015, so I figured since that has a 6 1/2 hour course limit including wine tastings, I need to be around a 4:30-5 hour full to enjoy myself. A nice consistent 10 minute mile pace will get me to my goal. So I signed up for Dopey in January 2015 as my first full. Let training commence.

2) Run a consistent 9 minutes mile: My fastest mile was 7:30. I average more on the 10 to 11 side. I want to not just break the 10 minute mile, but be consistent in staying under for at least 6 miles. Longer races/distance, I am happier with a slower average. I can’t run a 9 minute mile on my treadmill at the moment, without at least two rests. I can run really fast (for me) through my neighborhood and hit close to 9 for one mile.

3) Train consistently: I have a treadmill; I have no excuse for rain, heat, or work. I can always hop upstairs for 20 minutes. I also hired a coach, who will probably be pop up on here soon as we get started.

4) Have fun: This is always my number one goal. Even if I pull in a 4 hour half marathon this season or do my first full in 8 hours, I will have fun. It’s not about time, or even meeting your goals, it’s about enjoying the journey.

With that out there, I also need to think about my food goals for this year. Having hit Geranium and Noma in January and heading to France in 2015, it makes 2014 a strange year. I know we will be attending the Harvest Fest at Willow’s Inn on Lummi Island, and I think we might stop by French Laundry this year, since it’s been a couple years. Just need to get planning!


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