I am running my first of three 1/2 marathons this season on November 10, which is just a couple days before the fundraising deadline for Vegas on December 2.


Yesterday, I ran just over 13 miles (thanks to a late turn around…my phone died at mile 12 and I still had a mile left in hail and wind and rain to get to the car). The 13 miles were the hardest miles I’ve ran. I felt awesome until mile 9 and then I hit a wall. Thunder and lightening rolled across Lake Sammamish, rain came down like buckets dumped on my head, I was thirsty and running low on liquid, my hands swelled up to a ridiculous level where my ring was cutting into my finger in a most painful way, I got hit in the eye with hail, and I really just wanted to stop, but there were 4 miles left. Four miles to get to the car. Those were the hardest and slowest four miles ever. I feel fine today. My fingers are back to normal and my calves don’t even hurt.

Why am I putting myself through all of this? Because I’m raising money for the CCFA – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America through Team Challenge Seattle CCFA – Team Challenge. It’s important to me because my mom lives with Ulcerative Colitis, and its not easy. I want her to find some comfort, find a medication that will help her, find a way to put it behind her–and CCFA can help with that! They are an amazing organization, who gives about 80% of the money raised directly to research and programs that support patients.

I have a long way to go for my goal and every little bit counts. I would love if you could donate something to help me along my goal. Each dollar gives me a little motivation while I’m out there in the rain, trudging through the mud. And all of you will push me across the finish line on race day!!!

Please donate now before you start reading that article about Paul Ryan being shirtless again and it slips your mind!


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