Seriously, where did 2016 go? I’m positive I did so much, but it’s all a blur of food, running, tequila Sundays, traveling, and friends.

Looking at my 2016 focus, I clearly stated I wanted less running, more life. Check!

Having started the year still battling whooping cough, I decided to scale back the running until I was healthy. When scaling back didn’t work–especially after a couple setbacks from colds–prednisone and steroid inhalers became the routine and I took a long break. Not having an A race in 2016 probably saved my lungs, but I ran so much less–only hitting just under 1,000 miles for the year. Instead of running all the races, I focused on finally getting rid of the cough,  building back strength slowly, and getting through Ragnar without dying! After Ragnar, I took another break and am just getting back into a real training plan as I look for spring races and plan my training for a fall marathon. First up are the Star Wars races at Disney.

Not to say I didn’t keep my base or have fun. I just ran less. Along the way I also started running stronger. I don’t know that it translated to any gain in speed, as I’ve been tacking harder routes and working on being consistent. But I’ve managed to get my lungs and body to a place where I can run a few miles and enjoy it, without stressing about preparation or recovery. I can run once a week or five and feel great.

As for travel, Artboy and I laid low for the second half of the year. Which means, I didn’t leave the continent or go anywhere that didn’t involve running, family, pugs, or work. Yet I seemed to never be home.

Tequila Sundays at the Saint started in late April and are just about complete. While this has led to some wild and crazy nights, it also brought together a ton of great people who I look forward to continuing the adventure with after Tequila.

I ate a lot of great meals. I even took pictures of the food with intent to share. All that living got in the way and the blog suffered. I don’t really pretend a million people come look at my food photos, but the occasional quick blog entry keeps my brain in write mode and my craft honed. I may do more writing exercises in the coming months.

All in all, 2016 flew by in a blur of friends and flaming kitties. I haven’t decided what I will focus on in 2017. I have five months left of my 30s and I plan to enjoy every day the best me I can be. We’re skipping Coachella and its no good very bed terrible lineup, but that doesn’t earn I’ll be idle. After my birthday, marathon training begins, actual marathon (again!)–whose idea was that?

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