Tomorrow is the day. I have to check in at the hospital bright and early at 6 a.m. so I won’t be able to post my farewell then.

Let me tell you tho, it’s been fun. Feeling like someone is stabbing me on a regular basis and getting short of breath and exhausted just moving, not mention the constant need to pee, the nausea, the spastic colon, and the weight gain, it’s all been grand, but it’s time to head home and leave me alone. You’ve been around since at least October, but most likely well before that, but I think I can live without ya!

Yes, I have a huge race in a couple months. Just 60 days away as some Team runDisney people keep reminding me. Looks like it’ll be another 4-week training period, but I’ll be without my little aliens, so that should already make it easier. They dislike running even more than I do, and they really didn’t like racewalking.

No I’m not getting one last run in. I thought about it, but one of the aliens bit my kidney or possibly my spine. I can’t tell anymore where the pain comes from, but I know the left one is angry!

So tomorrow I head in to bid adieu, and I hope all goes well. It’s an easy one; I’ll see you on the other side.


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