I spent a good part of my youth in San Diego, where fish tacos apparently bleed from our veins, but I truly hate fish tacos. Granted I went from my childhood protest of refusing to eat another fish stick at a fancy restaurant around age 5 to not eating fish until I was 22 or so. I broke on raw fish and cooked fish still makes me gag a little (and fishy fish is a thing and a thing I don’t like).

Last night, Artboy and I attended the Taste Washington Red & White Party at Aqua.

As usual, I didn’t take any photos, but trust me, I tastedĀ a lot of great Washington Wine–Col Solare, Obelisco, and Figgins were among my favorite. But between all the wine, mini crunchy halibut tacos somehow became the standout of the night.

This morning, I casually typed in Mini Halibut Tacos into Google and came up with like a million options. So later today, I’ll be off to the fishmonger around the corner to see if they have any halibut in stock.

  • Food Network’s with Halibut Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw are an option. And I still have half a Savoy Cabbage in my fridge from St. Patrick’s Day last week. However, I think I want ceviche in my taco. That led me to the Rick Bayless Halibut Ceviche recipe where I discovered there are olives in hisĀ ceviche, which totally explains why I got so horribly sick the one time I ate it (olive allergy is a thing, my thing).

Does anyone have a favorite fish taco or ceviche recipe to share? My craving is strong.

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